CareerTech IT Solutions is mainly a website designing and web development company based in Pune having expertise in various IT related services such as software, mobile application and IT consulting. We have years of experience in outsourced product and custom enterprise application implementation. We have developed ourselves as a company who not only provides services as a service provider but also acts as a client partner, by creating its employee base to look after the various requirements of our valued clients and channel partners.

       As an IT company we do understand the cutthroat competition in this industry and since our inception have ensured over the years to serve start to end services. Besides providing the above mentioned services we are also an IT consulting partner of several small and big organizations and we help them to solve their problems. We do recognize and appreciate the requirements of our clients and look after it as a challenge when it comes to deliver start to end solutions. We also believe in making use of the latest technology to make things simple and easy to use.

        We offer a total package where customers not only receive software applications as a part of our service and product development, but they can even give their inputs and help in redesigning the products if required. Such is the transparency that we provide which helps us to work in par with our clients. We believe that our strength lies in leveraging innovation and global delivery model to offer the best return on investment for its clients. We believe it our business to recognize your enterprise and its direction, the intricacies of your trade, your processes and operating philosophy and your priorities and make sure that we offer world class quality at the most competitive price which make us a unique global provider.

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